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Folding machine
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Folding machine is a kind of garment processing auxiliary equipment. Control the speed and position of the fabric conveying system, measure the fabric length and calculate the folding length, and complete the horizontal folding and cross folding through the jet and refraction of the air flow.

Common types are: non woven fabric folding machine, cloth folding machine, cloth folding machine, wipes folding machine, etc. Used in laundry, hotel, hospital, textile, railway and other industries.

Technical features editor

Using photoelectric switch to control the action of the mechanism and frequency conversion speed regulation, not only the operation accuracy is high, but also energy saving.

It is a domestic folding layer number (can complete 32 layer folding), folding high precision equipment.

Horizontal folding is accomplished by air jet, and cross folding is accomplished by folding knife.

With the function of selection, it can directly send the small materials that need not be folded to the worktable after ironing.

It can be used with a variety of specifications and models of ironing machine, ironing machine. It is the preferred choice for hotels, hotels, hospitals, textile, railway and other industries.


1、 Daily maintenance items

1. Check whether the compressed air pressure meets the requirements.

2. Remove the water in the air source treatment module, and observe the oil level in the oil mist device. If the oil level is not enough, add it.

3. Clear the dust on the surface of each photoelectric sensor.

4. Clean the exposed surface of folding machine.

2、 Weekly maintenance items

1. Fill the chain wheel and chain with lubricating oil and adjust the chain tension.

2. Adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt once.

3、 Monthly maintenance items

1. Add lubricating oil to each conveying roller once.

2. The reducer shall be changed once after 300 hours of initial operation and once after 1500 hours of subsequent operation.

3. Check the fastening of each joint.

Installation method

1. When the folding machine is transported to your laundry room by the manufacturer, you should first carry out routine inspection on the dryer to check whether it is the machine you purchased and whether it is damaged or unusable during transportation. If there is any problem, you should take photos immediately and contact the manufacturer.

2. Before the folding machine, you should determine the installation position of the dryer. The selection of the installation position of the folding machine should consider the location of the transportation channel, raw material turnover, water inlet, steam inlet and water pipeline. Here, Xiongxing washing equipment reminds you that the folding machine should be installed together with the dehydrator, dryer and other equipment to reduce the distance between these equipment, To prevent the subsequent troubles caused by the improper choice of location.

3. The folding machine is one of the washing equipment with large volume and heavy weight, so the machine should be installed on a solid foundation, and at the same time, it should be kept level, so as to prevent large vibration when the equipment is working due to the uneven foundation of the location and installation position, thus affecting the washing efficiency and the service life of the dryer.

4. Refer to the operation manual of the folding machine, find out the door of the electrical control cabinet of the folding machine according to the relevant contents in the manual, and connect the 380V three-phase power line and zero line according to the label on the terminal (it should be reminded that the power consumption of the folding machine must be 380V, and it is forbidden to connect the low voltage or high voltage)

5. According to the label of folding body, connect the water inlet pipe and steam pipe. If the steam condition is not met, the steam inlet can be blocked. If steam heating function is used, please install pressure indicating device and safety device at obvious place of main steam pipe outside the machine.

matters needing attention

1. Through the operation of the above five steps to complete the installation of the folding machine, we should also pay attention to the following problems: the folding machine installation environment is dry, ventilated, clean working environment, good working environment and the key factors to extend the service life of the dryer.

2. During installation, strictly refer to the installation contents in the operation manual provided by the manufacturer for step-by-step operation, and do not install according to your own feeling.

3. When there are problems during installation, contact the manufacturer.