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Tissue tips
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Tissue paper is a kind of disposable tissue paper, which is made of plant fiber (such as wood pulp, cotton pulp, straw pulp, etc.) by slitting and folding. Tissue paper is usually divided into three types: paper napkin, paper towel and paper handkerchief. Wet wipes are made of spunlaced nonwovens, hot-rolled nonwovens, dry process paper and other materials, which are usually divided into disinfection wipes, cleaning wipes, baby care wipes, makeup removal wipes, deodorization wipes, etc.

1、 Attention should be paid when choosing tissue paper;

1. Choose a brand. In the purchase of tissue paper, to choose large enterprises, well-known brands of products. Secondly, look at the packaging and appearance. The appearance should be soft and clean. The product packaging should indicate the name, address, telephone number of the manufacturer, the product standards and hygiene standards implemented, the production date, the period of validity or shelf life, the product quality level, etc., as well as the specification and quantity of the product. Different from toilet paper, the production of tissue paper requires a hygiene license, and the packaging of products produced by regular enterprises should be marked with the hygiene license number.

2. Look at the appearance. Good tissue paper is generally used in two or three layers, with even and fine wrinkles, clean paper surface and no holes. Choose the product with 100% original wood pulp, the original wood pulp paper has good evenness, fine wrinkles, good feel, no powder and hair loss, good strength and wet strength, and the hygiene index is also guaranteed. Raw straw pulp paper is cheap, but its softness will be slightly worse.

3. Look at the color: the whiter the tissue paper is, the better. A good product should be natural ivory white. The national standard stipulates that the whiteness of tissue paper is 80% - 90%, and if it exceeds the upper limit, it does not meet the requirements. Moreover, fluorescent whitening agent is often added to the tissue paper which is too white, and fluorescent whitening agent is harmful to human body. In addition, some gray white tissue paper is produced from recycled pulp. According to the national regulations, recycled pulp is not allowed to be used to produce tissue paper, and it is not allowed to be purchased and used cheaply.

4. Look at the date. Tissue paper also has a shelf life, the general shelf life is 3 years, expired or placed too long tissue paper will re breed bacteria. Therefore, when purchasing, buy the products produced recently, and buy as you use them. Don't store them for too long.

2、 Pay attention to the following points when choosing wet wipes:

1. The name, address, telephone number, product name, executive standard, product grade, production date and validity period of the manufacturer shall be indicated on the product package.

2. Choose according to wipes classification. Wipes are divided into two categories: one is that they are disinfected, but they can't disinfect other items. They contain skin care ingredients and can only do skin moisturizing and maintenance. The other is the disinfectant wipes that not only disinfect themselves, but also disinfect other articles. They can be used for disinfection or sterilization of skin abrasions and scratches. Generally, the ingredients of disinfection or sterilization will be indicated on the package. When going out, you can choose the disinfectant wipes with sterilization function.

3. High quality wipes use high-quality raw materials, non-woven white, no impurities, there will be no obvious fuzzing phenomenon. There are obvious impurities in poor quality wipes, and there is obvious fuzzing phenomenon in the process of use.

4. Pay attention to the shelf life of wipes when buying. Disinfectant wipes have a certain shelf life, after the shelf life, which will reduce the composition of sterilization and disinfection.